6.40-8.00 Ct. In 18k White Gold



Black Diamond Square Cufflinks

Product Overview

Introducing the Top Black Diamond Square Cufflinks by My Antwerp Diamonds, meticulously handcrafted in luxurious 18K WhiteGold. These cufflinks feature stunning black diamonds that radiate sophistication and elegance, perfect for any formal occasion. Available in two dimensions, 6.40 ct. and 8.00 ct., they suit any style preference.

Dimensions and Design

These cufflinks, crafted with premium black diamonds, come in luxurious 18K White Gold Square settings. Choose from:

  • 6.40 Ct.: Each cufflink showcases a 3.20 Ct. black diamond, totaling 6.40 Ct. for the pair.
  • 8.00 Ct.: Each cufflink showcases a 4.00 Ct. black diamond, totaling 8.00 Ct. for the pair.

Handcrafted Excellence

Crafted in Antwerp, these cufflinks display exceptional craftsmanship and design. The 18K White Gold setting contrasts the black diamonds’ striking beauty, creating a timeless and sophisticated look. Each pair is meticulously made to ensure durability and elegance.

Comfort and Style

Designed for both comfort and style, these cufflinks offer a practical addition to any wardrobe. The secure setting keeps the gemstones in place, allowing you to enjoy their beauty with confidence.

Versatile Elegance

Whether you’re attending a formal event or adding luxury to your everyday attire, our Top Black Diamond Square Cufflinks blend elegance, versatility, and superior craftsmanship. Their sleek design and high-quality materials make them an ideal choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Elevate your style and leave a lasting impression with these stunning cufflinks.

Diamond Information

  • Gemstone: Black Diamond
  • Size: 2 X 3.20 Ct. or 2 X 4.00 Ct.
  • Total Carat Weight: 6.40 Ct. or 8.00 Ct.


  • Square Cufflink
  • 18K White Gold

Top Black Diamond Square Cufflinks Options and Pricing

  • 6.40 Ct.: 3200€ (3,872.00€ incl. 21% VAT)
  • 8.00 Ct.: 4300€ (5,203.00€ incl. 21% VAT)

Key Features

  • Handcrafted in Antwerp, Belgium
  • Condition: New

Shipping & VAT

  • 21% VAT will be added to the price in the cart when shipping to an EU address
  • VAT Free for customers outside the EU
  • Insured shipping within the EU
  • For more information Click Here

Additional information


White Gold




14 g


18 cm/14cm

Number of Diamonds


Individual Carat Size

3.20 ct., 4.00 ct.

Total Carat Size

6.40 ct., 8.00 ct.

Diamond Cut


Diamond Polish


Diamond Symmetry



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